You’re a longhair. Or an advocate. Or you’re lost.

From now on, when you see a guy with long hair, you’re going to think about The Longhairs. At least we hope so.

Do the right thing. Let that guy know about us by simply handing him a Longhairs referral card. We’ll send you a pack for free, all you have to do is order. By that we mean 100% free, we’ll even pay the postage.

Not sure how to hand them out? Our proven referral tactic will be revealed to you.

Think of it as an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and make someone’s day. Don’t find yourself face-to-face with a longhair without a referral card. Order your free pack below.

We’ll even show you the secret handshake.

Order Your Referral Cards

Referral Cards


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Order a pack of Longhairs referral cards, 100% free. No purchase required, all we ask is you hand them to fellow longhairs.

Not sure how to hand them out? Our proven referral tactic is revealed here.

We appreciate your support—and so do all the longhairs out there!

1 review for Referral Cards

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    What a unique way to say “HEY DUDE, NICE HAIR”, plus spread the word about The Longhairs! Get your self some today…

    • El Rubio

      GET SOME!

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