The Longhairs Story

We are here to inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair.

Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto founded The Longhairs in 2014 as a side project while running a digital marketing agency. At that time, they were both growing their hair long and feeling the frustration that came with realizing most long hair products were designed for women.

They decided to spearhead a change, and thus The Longhairs was born.

They first developed no rip, no slip, ultra-strong hair ties capable of handling an impressive 80 lbs of pressure. Their breakthrough moment came when they appeared on Shark Tank, famously putting Mark Cuban in a wig, and securing a deal.

In the ten years since, The Longhairs has evolved into a successful men’s grooming brand, creating a global community for men with long hair. This community addresses a significant gap: Men with long hair often find themselves with limited resources on hair care and suitable products made for them.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with pink packaging or floral-scented shampoos, The Longhairs recognizes that men require more diverse options.

Beyond that there are stereotypes and judgments often associated with men having long hair. The Longhairs started advocating for hair equality and worked to redefine masculinity. Indeed, men with long hair can look professional while having fun expressing their personality through hair, celebrating with hair whips and high fives.

Central to The Longhairs' ethos is charitable giving. For over 7 years, they have supported the national non-profit, Children With Hair Loss, donating 1% of their revenue (not net profits) to help provide real hair prosthetics for children experiencing medically-related hair loss. They also actively participate in the charity's annual event, The Charity Ball and fashion show, where children proudly showcase their new wigs.

One of The Longhairs' most impactful initiatives is The Great Cut, a world-record charity event focused on hair donation. Aimed at bringing hope to children suffering from hair loss due to various medical conditions, this event has become a symbol of the brand's commitment to giving back and fostering community spirit. The Great Cut is more than a charity event; it's a demonstration of solidarity, empathy, and a redefinition of masculinity that emphasizes strength through giving.

Why We Do What We Do

Our drive transcends the simple acts of hair donation and product creation. It's rooted in a deeper conviction about the essence of true masculinity – it's about fostering positive change and making a meaningful impact in the lives we touch. For us, true masculinity is defined not just by appearance or strength, but by the depth of character, the willingness to give back, and the commitment to uplift others.

Every strand of hair donated, every product we develop, is a testament to this belief. We're not just nurturing long hair; we're cultivating a community where making a difference is the ultimate expression of being a man.