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Halloween Costumes For Guys With Long Hair

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You don’t need to be a hair expert, but there are a few things every guy with long hair needs to know. Don’t grow any further without these.

We publish tips and tactics for guys with locks, interview successful professionals with flow, and celebrate men’s long manes with hair whips and high fives. Here is some of our latest posts.

Hair, Humor & The Absurd With Regan Russell

San Diego native Regan Russell questions pop culture, identity and celebrity in his humorous art. Get connected with Regan on the Let It Ride podcast.


Should You Color Your Hair?

A quandary many of us have faced in our lives. Whether you’re going for a new look or covering grey hair, here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of coloring your hair.


Hair Dreams and What They (Could) Mean

Hair is a powerful dream symbol not to be ignored. If you’ve had a dream your hair was falling out, cut, tangled, dyed, set on fire, or turning white…your subconscious may be trying to tell you something.

Sweet Dreams