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It’s A Christmas Miracle

In Celebrate by El Moreno37 Comments

The long awaited Hair Ties For Guys V2’s finally arrived and what better day than Christmas! Follow El Moreno on his journey to pick up the stash, stock up the ties and ship them out to all who pre-ordered. Merry Christmas & happy holidays to all you Longhairs!

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Rolling With a Master in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In Advocate by El Moreno3 Comments

Earlier this year we got a call. The caller identified himself as Klay Pittman, indicating he’d been growing his hair out and he was looking for men’s hair ties. We soon learned Mr. Pittman was a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and master professor at Pittman’s Academy of Martial Arts in Lubbock, TX. He trained under the tutelage of the world renown Carlos Machado and the Gracie family, earning his third degree black belt and operating his martial arts academy for over 20 years. Over that time his academy has trained an estimated 10,000+ students. In this edition of The Longhairs Professional Series, Mr. Pittman shares his story about long hair, martial arts, self confidence, superior mens hair ties and more. Listen to Klay Pittman’s long hair story and the impact his academy is making on its students. This was a fantastic interview we were grateful to be part of, …

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$1,000 Donated To Locks Of Love

In Advocate by El Rubio26 Comments

With our November check, The Longhairs have donated $1,030 to Locks of Love. Now we’re announcing the largest gathering of men with long hair in the history of mankind for the purpose of donating our hair to charity.

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Trying Dry Shampoo with El Moreno

In Educate by El Moreno14 Comments

I had heard about dry shampoo a lot, most of the women in my life rave about it, but I’d never given it an honest shot. So I thought it was time to see if this stuff really lives up to the hype. Follow along in this vlog as I explore dry shampoo with special guest, La Rubia.