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Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions

Immaculate cleansing and legendary conditioning for guys with long hair—yet preferred by women over the leading salon brand.

Epic Cleanse

An epic hydrating shampoo with argan, acaí and flaxseed oils and a blend of conditioning agents that cleanse your hair and scalp while restoring its natural moisture balance.

Monumental cleansing and hydrating performance for straight, wavy and curly hair. Because every epic mane deserves an epic cleanse.

Ideal Conditions

A superior conditioner with essential oils and rich, hydrating emollients. Restores moisture, elasticity and shine, resulting in stronger, more resilient hair, resistant to split ends and breakage.

Remarkable smoothing and detangling performance for straight, wavy and curly hair. Because when your mane is moisturized, you’ve got ideal conditions.


to a Superior Shampoo & Conditioner


Before we had long hair, we used the cheapest off-the-shelf shampoo and conditioner we could find. Later we tried more expensive, name-brand products.
Then we found out most name-brand shampoo and conditioner "made for men" is "not good". In other words, they’re loaded with sulfates and parabens, made with cheap ingredients and positioned as “premium.”
Thus we set out to make a truly premium, superior quality shampoo and conditioner for guys with long hair.
After thorough, rigorous research and testing dozens of brands, we agreed on standards for what an apex shampoo and conditioner for men with long hair should look like.
It would have been easy to whip up a cheap formula, scrawl some quippy copy, and start selling.  But much like our brand, we took the time to test, learn, understand, research and develop, until we were 100% confident we had products we could stand behind.


The end result is Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions, an apex shampoo and conditioner that sets the standard for men’s long hair.

#1 Critical Hair Care

If there is a single-most important product to keep your lettuce fresh, clean and healthy, it’s a quality shampoo and conditioner. The time and effort you’ve put into growing your mane shouldn’t be squandered with cheap products. 

Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions is made with ingredients you are pumped to use in your hair, and you have the assurance of knowing we have personally tested and developed this shampoo and conditioner for guys with long hair.

Who Do You Trust With Your Long Hair?

If you’re considering a different shampoo and conditioner for men’s long hair, ask yourself who is making it. Do they have long hair? Have they done the research? Do they use their own products? Do they have a face? Do they even care?? 

We’re The Longhairs, and Longhairs Do Care. Developed, tested and used in-house, Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions is the trusted shampoo and conditioner for longhairs worldwide.


What Makes It A Shampoo & Conditioner for Men’s Long Hair?

Our moms, wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, grandmas, aunties, nieces, friends, cousins and colleagues love our shampoo and conditioner. They prefer Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions over the leading salon brand. It works just as great for women as it does for men.

We make shampoo and conditioner for men with long hair for the same reason we make Hair Ties For Guys: to offer confidence and encouragement for guys who want long hair. After all, most long hair products are made for women, and most long-haired men are discouraged from having long hair.

It’s shampoo and conditioner for men’s long hair because that’s who we made it for…and before we knew it we had shockingly superior products for everyone’s hair!

Internal Hair Strengthening

Your hair is only as strong as its weakest internal keratin structure, which is why we’ve introduced a key hair-strengthening ingredient across our hair care line.
Every day your hair takes on damage, whether it’s from brushing, hair-whipping, rough treatment or just the surrounding environment. Damage compromises the internal protein structure, leading to weak hair and eventually breakage.
Most hair-strengthening ingredients act primarily at the surface, while the patented ingredient in our hair care line penetrates deep into the hair cortex, forming new hydrogen and ionic bonds which support the damaged keratin structure.
This internal strengthening functionality repairs damage, reduces breakage and has been shown to increase hair strength up to 3X across various hair types and degrees of damage, restoring your hair fiber strength roughly equivalent to that of Superman’s.
You don’t want weak hair. You want f***ing Superman hair. Strengthen your hair with the cumulative effects of internal hair-strengthening across The Longhairs hair care line.
Get Stunning Performance

With A Shampoo & Conditioner for Men With Long Hair

A superior shampoo and conditioner, developed, tested and trusted by The Longhairs.

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