Thick. Thin. Wrap.

Contain your mane with full-coverage, high-performance headbands that gently snug the skull and locks in breathable, soft stretch material.


      Headbands With Style

      Whether you're enjoying a full head of lettuce or muddling through the awkward stage, wrap your head and locks with our high performance headbands.


      Multi-functional design offers adjustable height and wearing styles, excellent for sports, yoga, running, hiking, lifting and more.


      Provides the perfect stretch to hold your hair snugly with a no-break, double-stitched seam and reinforced logo sleeve.


      These versatile thin headbands can be worn in pairs or in combination with other accessories including thick headbands or even headwraps.

      Contain Your Mane

      Obnoxious hair in your face and annoying flyaways are a thing of the past. Longhairs Headwraps comfortably contain meddlesome stragglers and baby hairs while reliably preventing shafts of hair from stabbing you in the eyeballs.

      Make the Awkward Stage Cool Again

      Hide that scraggly mop from society while you navigate the awkward stage undetected. Headwraps are perfect for growing your hair out confidently and free from ridicule while you wait for that spicy salad to push through.

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      If you’re not 100% satisfied with your headwraps we’ll replace them at no cost to you.