Merino Gato Series

Made with a merino wool blend, the Merino Gato is an incredibly soft, lightweight, wide rib knit beanie with a reversible cuff—our finest soft lid ever.

Merino wool is a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep, renowned for their fine, soft wool and their ability to thrive in extreme climates. The Merino sheep grow long hair (surprise, surprise) with a natural crimp, yielding a higher loft wool that stretches easily in garments.

Because it’s super soft and fine, merino wool is especially comfortable next to your skin, wicking moisture without absorbing odors and without itching. Lightweight and amazingly warm, it’s the ideal performance material for outdoor activities like shredding gnar.

With a reversible stitched label embroidered with the bound shears, you can flip the cuff up for double-thick maximum warmth...

...or flip the cuff down for a thinner, sleeker fit.

A wide ribbed knit pattern and speckled finish blends a classic appearance with modern steez, El Merino Gato is slim enough to wear under a helmet, yet warm enough for freezing temperatures.


  • Long (but not extra long)
  • Merino wool blend
  • Wide rib knit with speckled finish
  • Reversible cuff
  • Embroidered fabric label
  • One size fits most melons