The Great Cut Backstory

On March 16, 2019, The Great Cut successfully broke the world record for the most hair donated to charity. After the dust settled everyone wanted to know...would we do it again?

As we announced exclusively on KUSI Good Morning San Diego, we will go back under the shears in 2024. Since most of us cut our hair, we need a few more years to grow it back, especially El Moreno and many others who shaved their heads completely!

For those growing their hair to donate at The Great Cut 2024, we wanted to offer a physical artifact to serve as a symbol of commitment, an outward statement of purpose, and a means to encourage others.

Our new collection of TGC2024 t-shirts accomplishes each.

We’ve selected two concepts proclaiming The Great Cut 2024, one implementing a “hair/flow” theme and the other using a “campaign” theme. Each is offered in two color patterns for a total of four unique t-shirt designs, available in men’s, women's and children’s sizes, in a variety of attractive colors.

On the back of each t-shirt is a growth measuring tool. Horizontal lines spaced at one inch apart graphically illustrate progress toward your donation goal. The eight inch mark is notated with “minimum donation,” while the 12 inch mark is notated with “preferred donation.”

Ambitious donors can even mark their own “donation goal” in the blank spaces provided.

Show the world you are growing your hair to donate at The Great Cut 2024 with a TGC2024 t-shirt. Wearing it you’ll help spread awareness and get more people involved in another historic world record attempt.

Get $3 off this t-shirt by joining The Great Cut 2024 interest list.