Hair Ties For Guys

Strong enough for a woman...
but pH-balanced for a man.
Hair Ties For Guys. Strongest hair ties in the world weight tested to hold 80lbs

Hair Ties For Guys™ no-slip hair elastic provides the perfect stretch to hold your hair snugly without slipping or sliding off.

Unlike rounded hair ties that leave your hair creased and damaged, our thick hair ties are designed flat to increase the contact area with your hair, using a soft elastic hair tie blend that grips the hair without catching or tangling, allowing these burly bands to hold strong when you need them, but slide off effortlessly when you’re done—all without damaging or leaving a crease in your hair.

These hair bands are strong enough for playing sports, working out, running, hiking, lifting and more, with no ripping, tugging, pulling, yanking, breaking or otherwise mutilating your hair.

Most regular boring black hair ties snap after a few uses, which is why they’re so cheap in the first place. Others lose their elasticity quickly or hardly stretch at all.

Hair Ties For Guys™ have reached the peak of hair tie evolution, constructed with our proprietary elastic blend, a no break, double-stitched seam and a reinforced sleeve emblazoned with the bound shears. These burly bands are strength tested to hold over 100 lbs, then go right back in your hair.

When we say these are the best hair ties in the world, it’s because we’ve engineered them this way.

Bold patterns and designs you won’t find on any other hair ties. We’re talking fishing lures, smokin hot mermaids, bandoleers of ammunition, and many others.

Not only do guitars, American flags, and lightning bolts show that you mean business, but our print technology yields bright, robust prints that look great in your hair AND on your wrist.

As Seen On Shark Tank

If you saw us on Shark Tank then you know Hair Ties For Guys™ are the finest hair ties in the world. Brought to you by The Longhairs—the same two guys with long manes who appeared on the TV show.

Ok, So What Makes Them For Guys?

Some brands claim they offer hair ties for men, then sell you the same crappy black hair ties you can find in the women’s hair accessories aisle.

The truth is, there is virtually no difference between men’s and women’s hair. Our hair ties perform the same for men and women, whether you have straight or curly hair, thick hair or thin hair. In fact, most every woman we know refuses to use any other hair ties.

So what makes them for guys?

The only thing that actually makes them for guys is that we made them for guys. The fact they work just as well for women is an added bonus.

From our materials and construction to our designs and collections, these are the best hair ties in the world. Step up your hair tie game today with the one and only Hair Ties For Guys™.

Hair Ties For Guys Guarantee

If you don’t love Hair Ties For Guys™, we’ll buy you a pack of your favorite crappy hair ties.
how can you Brazenly Claim

Your Hair Ties Are Best In The World?

Great question. We’re honest guys, we wouldn’t make outlandish claims.

When we first grew long hair we started testing every single brand of hair ties we could get our hands on, and concluded most everything out there was trash. So we started making our own hair ties. Then through rounds and rounds of sampling, extensive testing and years of feedback, we got exactly what we wanted.

Since 2014

We began selling these hair ties in 2014, but we didn’t stop there. As we continued developing our product, soon we launched Hair Ties For Guys™ V2, then V2.1, then V2.2, then V3.0 and finally V3.1 and beyond.

Today we have reached the pinnacle of hair tie evolution, resulting in Hair Ties For Guys™ you can find on our website. You see, we initially set out to make hair ties for guys; what actually happened is we developed the best hair ties in the world.

But don’t take our word for it…