Brand Standards & Guidelines

Last Updated March 2020

Our Core Focus


To inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair.


  1. Do things right
  2. Do the right things
  3. Creativity and authenticity
  4. Team spirit and contagious enthusiasm
  5. Unwavering confidence and determination to achieve
  6. Building and influencing community from San Diego outward

We set out to build a community, and the business has followed.

Our Guarantee

More confidence in your hair, GUARANTEED

Signatures & Wordmarks

Primary Signature: The Longhairs wordmark and logo forms the complete signature. This can be used in two variations. The classic detailed or solid version. Both acceptable.

Alternate Horizontal Signature: The horizontal signature can be used when vertical space is limited, and/or a horizontal format is more appropriate.

Solid Mark: A solid mark is used for small scale and other applications that might not be able to capture the detail of the main mark (embroidery, silk screening at a small scale, and digital applications that may distort the detailed mark.)

Brand Colors

IVORY (PMS 7499 C)
Hex: fefaea

NAVY (PMS 282 C)
Hex: 072f4c

Hex: a22221

GOLD (PMS 871 C)
Hex: bfa034

Hex: 191919

Copywriting Style Guide

Longhair or Long Hair?

  • “Longhairs,” when referring to the brand, “The Longhairs” is always one word.
  • “The Longhairs” is always capitalized. Never “The Longhair’s”
  • “Long hairs” would be referring to individual long strands of hair on your head.
  • When referring to any old guy(s) with long hair, you could call him a "longhair," or, "those longhairs over there." Not capitalized.
  • When referring to his hair, you would always say, his "long hair."
  • To express possession, you'd say, "that longhair's leg is on fire."


Products and Common Terms

  • "Hair Ties For Guys" is always camel cased
  • "Let It Ride" is always camel cased
  • "C'YA" is salutation spelled as is never varies
  • "DIALED!" is all caps with exclamation point
  • “Headwraps” is always one word
  • "Hard Lids" is always two words
  • "Soft Lids" is always two words
  • “Man Bun” is two words
  • “Hair whip” is two words
  • “High Ball” is two words

In The Wild