How The Longhairs Shampoo & Conditioner Was Formulated

Finding ourselves looking to upgrade from cheap shampoo & conditioner, and searching aimlessly in the women’s hair care aisle...we set out to make our own products.

Based on our experience, we identified what we wanted in a premium shampoo & conditioner line for men. From all the products we tested, we emulated the characteristics we were looking for and left out everything we didn’t.

We didn’t intend to develop a new, undiscovered formula with groundbreaking science or technology; we didn’t try to do anything fancy. We just wanted:


  • A quality formula with premium ingredients.
  • No sulfates and no parabens.
  • Hydrating and moisturizing.
  • A subtly masculine fragrance.
  • Performance for all hair types.

Honestly, it would have been easy to whip up a formula, throw in a dash of whatever we got in the ole spice cabinet, say whatever we wanted and start selling it.

Instead, much like our brand, we took the time to test, learn, understand, research and develop, until we were 100% confident we had a product we could stand behind.

We are proud to present...Epic Cleanse and Ideal Conditions.