Trial/Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner - 3.4 oz. bottles

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Perfect Trial Size / Ideal for Travel

Experience an epic hydrating shampoo with a superior moisturizing conditioner in a perfect trial size. These 3.4 oz. bottles are also cleared for takeoff, ideal for keeping your mane fresh on your travels.

Legendary Cleansing with Immaculate Conditioning

  • Argan, acaí and flaxseed oils and a blend of conditioning agents cleanse your hair and scalp while restoring its natural moisture balance.
  • Essential oils and hydrating emollients restore moisture, elasticity and shine, resulting in stronger, more resilient hair that is resistant to split ends and breakage.
  • Excellent for straight, wavy and curly hair, frizz control, and damaged manes, an ideal combination offering truly epic results.

Shampoo & conditioner designed for men with lettuce—yet preferred by women over the leading salon brand.

What makes them epic? Glad you asked.

We know our products aren’t the cheapest out there, so we wanted to share our pricing philosophy with you.

  1. Great Products. We do all we can to offer you the best products possible and we stand behind them. In most cases we’ve developed or formulated products ourselves through research, learning, testing and improving, and we don’t sell anything we don’t use ourselves regularly.

    If you’re ever not happy with your purchase we’ll do everything we can to make sure you are a raving fan.

  2. Great Brand. Since day one we have been about the content and the community.

    When you make a purchase from The Longhairs, you’re buying more than just a product: you’re buying into what it means to have long hair: the idea, the lifestyle, the fresh content we publish every’re supporting the movement.

  3. Great Purpose. Since day one The Longhairs has advocated for a greater purpose than just selling hair ties. In addition to advocating for hair equality and standing up for the little guys, we donate $1 for every order to Children With Hair Loss.

    That means every time you purchase a product from The Longhairs you are helping provide a quality hair replacement for a child who can’t grow their own hair.

We hope this helps you better understand how we price our products and feel great about purchasing from The Longhairs. We welcome any questions you may have.

As just two bros who set out to make an idea real, we’ve learned it’s really damn hard to run a business, which makes earning you as our customer the most important thing we can do.

With Gratitude,

El Moreno & El Rubio

You’re familiar with our pricing philosophy, and why we price our products the way we do.

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For a trial period we are offering a sticker pack available for purchase. When you purchase a Sticker 6-Pack you automatically qualify for free shipping (please see limitations below).

We realize you’re still paying for an additional product, but at least you’re getting more for your money—and you won’t have to pay for shipping out of pocket.

If you don’t think this is a good deal, or if you don’t like stickers (who doesn’t like stickers?), or if you’d rather pay for shipping...that’s fine. Simply don’t add the sticker pack and have it your way.

By mitigating the cost of shipping we hope you’ll feel even better about purchasing from The Longhairs. We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.

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The Longhairs Shipping Department

*At the moment this offer is not valid for international customers. You guys are important to us and we’re still working on a better shipping solution for you.

**Free shipping offer does not apply to subscription orders, reason being we’re already offering a steep discount and can’t afford to also pay for shipping.
Trial/Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner - 3.4 oz. bottles