The Kokomos


Bermuda, Bahama, your hair don’t need no drama. The unashamedly rad, dope, sick and bodacious. For the all day beach BBQ bonfire bash.

Superior hair ties for men. No crease, no pull, no damage to your hair.

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    What Makes Hair Ties For Guys Different?
  • They’re superior hair ties for men.
  • Our sick designs, like camouflage, surfboards, lightning bolts and more.
  • Our proprietary elastic blend provides the perfect pop without ripping, tugging, pulling, yanking, or otherwise mutilating your hair.
  • So cool your girlfriend will steal them.
  • They’re for men, man!
  • Burly construction
  • No crease, no pull, no damage to your hair
  • Soft elastic blend
  • Perfect pop
  • Double stitched seam
  • So cool your girlfriend will steal them
  • Excellent holding power, won’t slip off your hair
  • Won’t tug, yank, break or mutilate your hair
  • You won’t have to stand in the women’s hair care aisle
  • They won’t be breaking constantly
  • Look cool on your wrist

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