Wood Shop Premium Hair Serum


Wood Shop has a decisively earthy, wooden aroma, like felling a tree, constructing a birdhouse, then bathing in sawdust. Scents are subtle, not overpowering.

Looks great. Feels great. Smells great.

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Premium Hair Serum – Wood Shop Scent

Our high performance hair serum is formulated with pure, cold-pressed argan oil and a blend of conditioning agents that hydrate, smooth and detangle your locks for a stunningly healthy mane.

  • 1 oz [30 ml] vial premium hair serum w/ argan oil
  • Daily use conditioning and styling elixir
  • For straight, wavy and curly hair types
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Another superior product from The Longhairs
  • Conditions and moisturizes dry, dehydrated hair
  • Detangles effortlessly, like your comb gliding through hot butter
  • Smooths out frizz and shuts down flyaways
  • Makes your hair easy to manage
  • Go from dry, brittle and busted, to thick, luscious & ready for ruckus

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