Post Shower Routine

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Get out of the house fast and deal with your hair later.

There are times when your hair is nasty and it demands a wash and you know the full blow dry routine is completely out of the question. Your only option is to leave it wet and come back to it later. In this scenario there are a few techniques that will keep your hair looking great while it’s air drying and post air dry.

In this quick strike video, El Rubio breaks down his method to conquering this likely situation and gives us a sneak preview of a brand new Certified Longhairs product.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out the piece I mentioned in the intro: Bullies and Boys With Long Hair #dotifortheboys.

Do you have any post shower techniques you can share? Drop it in the comments!



  1. See my issue is that my hair reaches a little below my collar so its not quite able to be tailed up yet. The problem is that if I attempt to air dry the ends start flying all over the place and the ends become uncontrollable. Should I put product in my hair while its wet and then let it dry out? Or is that a bad idea?

  2. I’ve been following you guys for a while now and I owe you a big thank you. Growing out my hair has been an epic journey and having guys here has been freaking awesome, I wouldn’t have got through it without you. Thank you from a longhair in Australia. Also man that hair whip gave me chills it was truely a thing of beauty.

  3. I love your ties guys. Want to get some of them head wraps. Can I call you like when I ordered the ties?

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