Similar in weight and thickness to both the Helix and Stout Series soft lids, our Hive Series is a super soft, extra long, alternating rib knit acrylic beanie with a reversible extra thick cuff.

These burly, thickset beanies are super warm and weighty, like wrapping a comfy knit blanket around your skull and locks.

With an etched reversible leather clip applique, you can flip the cuff up for a snugger fit while displaying the bound shears...

...or flip the cuff down into super slouch mode and show em you LET IT RIDE.

Built intentionally stocky for added warmth, an alternating rib knit pattern offers a stacked appearance, with a partially offset interior seam lending itself to a swaggy side slouch style.

  • Extra long
  • Acrylic blend
  • Reversible cuff
  • Alternating rib knit
  • Leather clip applique with the bound shears on one side and LET IT RIDE on reverse
  • One size fits most noggins