Close cousins with the Stout Series, our Helix Series soft lid is a super soft, extra long, twisted knit acrylic beanie with a reversible extra thick cuff.

These burly, thickset beanies are super warm and weighty, like wrapping a comfy knit blanket around your skull and locks.

With an etched reversible leather clip applique, you can flip the cuff up for a snugger fit while displaying the bound shears...

...or flip the cuff down into super slouch mode and show em you LET IT RIDE.

Built intentionally stocky for added warmth, a twisted acrylic knit pattern adds a unique flavor, the extra volume looking especially sick with long hair emerging from beneath the cuff.


  • Extra long
  • Acrylic blend
  • Reversible cuff
  • Twisted helix knit
  • Leather clip applique with the bound shears on one side and LET IT RIDE on reverse
  • One size fits most noggins

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