Fins, Ink and Flow

To the dedicated angler, fishing is more than a pastime or sport; it’s a way of life—just like tattoos…and just like long hair.

Introducing a first-of-its kind collaboration between The Longhairs and Fin & Ink, epitomizing the symbolic confluence of fishing, tattoos and long hair.

The Longhairs x Fin & Ink

Celebrating a long and prosperous friendship, The Longhairs are proud to release our first co-lab with Fin & Ink, makers of the original tattoo lure.

Combining the craft of traditional tattoo imagery and classic fishing lure design, Fin & Ink has created beautiful, unique and functional fishing lures, sure to be the talk of your tackle box.

In this unprecedented collaboration we’ve boldly advanced the Fin & Ink concept, applying original, hand drawn tattoo art to our hair ties and headwraps, presented with custom Fin & Ink lures in a limited edition signature package.

The Mane & Tackle Box



  • Two functional Fin & Ink lures
  • Two packs of special release Hair Ties For Guys
  • Two special release headwraps

Each product in this kit is emblazoned with authentic, hand drawn tattoo art from Sierra Colt, delivered in a signature box presentation. Only 250 available.


Strength and Courage

Inspired by the Year Of The Tiger, symbolizing willpower, courage and personal strength.

By strength we challenge adversity;
By courage we overcome fear;
The soul of the tiger shines through;
By willpower, persevere.

Soul of the Tiger


The Cycle of Life

Considered a spirit animal by many, the death moth is said to pass between the lands of living and dead, and even carry messages from the loved and long parted. A nocturnal influence of darkness, and yet vulnerable, a reminder to accept death as part of the cycle of life.


Rise From The Ashes

An artist's rendition of the mythological creature of old, blazing in great conflagration, withering, dying, only to rise again, reborn from the cinders of it’s inferno.*

*will not light your hair on fire


Enjoy Life

A filigree-patterned cherry blossom, signifying renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Originally designed as a head tattoo and can now be worn on any dome (with zero pain), this blossom reminds us to enjoy the beauty, short lived as it may be.


The Dragon

An ancient creature of mythical stature, the Dragon was a horned, fire breathing beast and had no foes that could beat it. Folklore tales say that the Dragon could only be controlled by the mightiest of the gods or an excellent fisherman. The Dragon represents power and good fortune which are both necessary for any good day of fishing on the water.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

Length: 3 in. | Casting Spoon

The Koi

Traditionally the Koi symbolizes overcoming adversity and commitment to a goal. Stories are told of how koi will swim against the current and climb waterfalls to reach their ultimate goal. Much like fishing, determination is key to the Koi’s success. Some days on the ocean are tougher than others and it’s a true test of a great fisherman to stick it out and overcome to land the trophy fish.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

Length: 3 in. | Casting Spoon

Behind The Lines

Listen to the story behind this unprecedented collaboration in Locks, Lines & Lures: Sierra Colt on The Longhairs podcast.