Get TANKED This 4th of July

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Get Tanked & Rock The Locks This 4th of July

It’s on the horizon team: the biggest summer kickoff holiday weekend permitting the widespread use of explosives on American soil. We wouldn’t let ya go out there unprepared.

Introducing the M4 SHERMAN and M18 HELLCAT Summer Tanks. Specially designed with your guns in mind for this 4th of July.

And while your mane will be gallantly streaming this Independence Day, whether you’re grilling out, hucking cannonballs or living the boat life, at some point you’re gonna need to tie it up.

We’ve got ya covered with three new ways to wear your long hair under the rocket’s red glare, capped off with how to tie Willie Nelson braids.

Time To Get TANKED

Since you asked, of course we’re offering a mega blockbuster smash hit deal on the most epic hair tie/headwrap/tank combination package since 1776.



  1. Yeah! The QUICK DRAW COOZIE! The hairstyles are great too. And gotta get me one o’ them tanks.

  2. excuse me sirs, but i,n my country the national celebration becomes at july 4th,continues the 11 ( canadian day), the 14 ( french day) and finishes the 21 with our national day
    but our colours are black, yellow, and red….as our “national church”: beer drinking !!!

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