Fins, Ink and Flow

To the dedicated angler, fishing is more than a pastime or sport; it’s a way of life—just like tattoos…and just like long hair.

Introducing a first-of-its kind collaboration between The Longhairs and Fin & Ink, epitomizing the symbolic confluence of fishing, tattoos and long hair.

The Longhairs x Fin & Ink

Celebrating a long and prosperous friendship, The Longhairs are proud to release our first co-lab with Fin & Ink, makers of the original tattoo lure.

Combining the craft of traditional tattoo imagery and classic fishing lure design, Fin & Ink has created beautiful, unique and functional fishing lures, sure to be the talk of your tackle box.

In this unprecedented collaboration we’ve boldly advanced the Fin & Ink concept, applying original, hand drawn tattoo art to our hair ties and headwraps, presented with custom Fin & Ink lures in a limited edition signature package.

The Mane & Tackle Box

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  • Two functional Fin & Ink lures
  • Two packs of special release Hair Ties For Guys
  • Two special release headwraps

Each product in this kit is emblazoned with authentic, hand drawn tattoo art from Sierra Colt, delivered in a signature box presentation. Limited quantity available.

Our products aren’t cheap, and for good reason. Here’s our pricing philosophy:

  1. Great Products
    We offer proven quality we stand behind, developing our own products through research, reviews, testing, and feedback. We don’t sell anything we don’t use ourselves, and if you’re ever not happy we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

  2. Great Brand
    We offer tips and tactics for guys with flow, advocate for hair equality, and celebrate men’s long manes with hair whips and high fives. Since the beginning our focus has been the content and the community.

    When you buy from The Longhairs, you’re buying into what it means to have long hair: the idea, the community, and the lifestyle.

  3. Great Purpose
    We are more than just a company, and Longhairs Do Care. With an unshakeable core focus, a world-record charity, and a commitment to helping others, our purpose is far deeper than selling great hair ties.

    That includes donating 1% of revenue to Children With Hair Loss, helping provide hair replacements to children who can’t grow hair since 2015.
Now you know, and you should feel great about ordering from The Longhairs. As two bros who made an idea real, and from all our team, thanks for giving us a shot.

Remember…long hair lives in the heart.

El Moreno & El Rubio
President & CEO