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Custom Hair Ties For Guys collections featuring original artwork from master tattoo artist Sierra Colt.

Master Tattoo Artist Sierra Colt

Owner of Bearcat Tattoo Gallery in San Diego, he’s devoted his life’s work to art and tattoos.

With a strong Neo-Japanese influence, his art is known for its ornamental flowing design, depth of layering, brilliant coloring, and bold illustrative realism.

His tattoo work is primarily full-scale, focused on large format sleeves and complete back and body pieces, with emphasis on beauty and longevity.

A widely recognized artist and thought leader in the tattoo industry, he’s a pioneer on the therapeutic value and holistic benefits of tattoos and tattooing.

He’s Sierra Colt, and it’s all for the love of art.

The Sierra Colt Hair Ties

      3 products

      3 products

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