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A Community for men with long hair.

We advocate, educate and celebrate the flow.

“You’ve got a head full of streaming locks. You don’t always know what to do with it.”


Promote and encourage long hair on men.

The Original Longhairs
“Slacker. Hippie. Freak. Get a job. You look like a girl.”
You’ve heard it all. Long hair is “unprofessional.”

Really? History demonstrates long hair is badass: Ghengis Khan, Louis XIV, William Wallace, The Undertaker, Steven Seagal (circa Under Siege part I)…

The list is long.

Then comes the 20th century. Suddenly long hair is unprofessional? Would you call Casey Ryback unprofessional to his face? Didn’t think so.

People say, “cut your hair!” Why the hell do they care?

Guess what? No one around here is going to tell you to cut your hair. More like:

Yes, you should grow your hair out.
Yes, you should let it ride.
Yes, you should rock that shit.

Because longhairs are badass. From Samson to Jesus to George Washington, real men let it ride. Don’t let ’em convince you otherwise.

“Centuries ago long hair wasn’t unprofessional. Just badass.”


Hair knowledge, tips & advice for men with long hair.

Lindsay Barto - Chris Healy
Women have had long hair for centuries, generations of knowledge and experience are passed down by mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends. They braid and brush each other’s hair, style it and talk about hair care products. It’s part of their culture.

Women are indoctrinated from birth on how to care for, style, and manage long hair.

Most of us men never had that luxury. Even if we had long hair as kids, we certainly weren’t braiding each other’s hair at recess.

Now that we have long hair, questions present themselves. How do I brush my hair properly? How should I style it? What products should I use? What about split ends? What…are…split ends?

These questions are mysteries to many of us. For those with the courage and perseverance to grow our hair out, we find ourselves with a head full of locks and don’t always know how to handle it.

The Longhairs are here to bridge the gap. We offer hair knowledge, tips and advice for men with long hair. And that’s good shit.

“Your shoulders are throwing a party. They’re waiting for your hair to arrive.”


Revel in showers of longhaired freedom.

El Rubio - El Moreno
Every man with long hair has a story, a reason, a statement beneath those locks. Why did you grow it?

We associate with our long hair. It’s part of our appearance, and therefore part of our identity.

What would it be like if you woke up tomorrow and someone had cut your hair off?

Not. Happy. Like you’d lost a part of yourself.

We grew it out, it took long enough, it’s part of us—and we should celebrate that shit. Together.

I’m talking international longhairs conventions, hair whip competitions, three guys with long hair standing together means a party. Get what I mean?

So whether you like to party, or just brush your hair in the mirror:

Raise a glass to that most fortunate and blessed union between your hair and your shoulders may they never part ways.

Not knowing what to do…
being told to cut your hair…
standing awkwardly in the women’s hair care aisle…

Stops Here

1. Men with long hair have gone unsupported too long.
2. Calling long hair unprofessional is, simply, unprofessional.
3. And it’s about damn time we celebrate these long manes.

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