5 Reasons Women Dig Long Hair – From a Woman

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There’s something about a guy with long hair… Maybe it’s the confidence, maybe it’s the way it reminds you of the sexiest of your sports/music/celebrity crushes, maybe it’s just knowing that this one’s a bit different than the rest, but whatever it is we love a guy with long hair. I am going to do my very best to break down exactly what it is about a Longhair that we women love so much (other than the obvious physical reactions that we just can’t help).

#1 The way it looks

Whether it’s pulled back into a man bun (or Highball for a Longhair), or running wild down his back, long hair just looks sexy. It’s manly and bold, like a viking, or a gladiator. It’s native, and primal like an indigenous warrior. It’s hard to put into words because it just is. It’s a feeling… like a tingle when you see a guy with long hair and you just go “yep him—he’s the one.”

#2 It shows he’s confident

Having long hair as a man takes a certain amount of confidence. It’s the type of thing that people notice, but a Longhair doesn’t mind. “Let them stare,” he thinks as he runs his fingers through his sexy mane.


#3 You know he’s different

A guy with long hair isn’t worried about the standard male archetype. He does what he wants, and that’s all there is to it. It’s not likely that he has a standard corporate job, and he certainly isn’t an average Joe. He dances to the beat of his own drum. He’ll love that you’re different, too. He’s more likely to appreciate all the things that make you… you. He’s also more likely to understand why it takes you more than an hour to get ready.

#4 It shows he can commit

Growing one’s hair is not something that happens overnight. It’s a long process, fraught with many difficulties. There’s the awkward stages where no matter what you do it just doesn’t look good. There’s the breaking-in period when a novice Longhair learns to tame his tresses, and there are so many days and weeks of waiting before a short hair becomes a Longhair. If this guy can get through this, then maybe he’s got the balls to commit to something even more sexy… you.

#5 You can talk about hair

Finally, a guy that really understands how awesome it is to have long hair. Maybe you’ll take turns braiding each others hair, or he might let you practice the newest straightening technique on his virgin strands. You can commiserate about bad hair days, and share hair ties, and leave-in conditioner. Maybe he’ll even be able to give you a tip or two. A guy with long hair won’t be afraid to enjoy something that you both share… gorgeous long hair!

Anything I missed? Ladies, why are you into guys with long hair?



  1. Ladies? Wassup with the men? Men, why are you into guys with long hair? In this day and age, us Longhairs need to be inclusive regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation and the gender binary. Let’s model language that embraces one another.

    1. whattup?
      only for, as you are identified as a male, the society considers you must wear short hair, as it considers free the females
      no matter in that with gender or sexual orientattion
      we only made a community to defend the right to wear all lenghts of hair as a man or a woman

      1. Equus, and Chamane,

        I totally agree! People should be able to wear their hair long, short, or shaved regardless of gender. In high school I chopped my hair into a pixie cut, and got a lot of negative comments from both men and women. Let’s embrace ourselves and others no mater how we choose to express ourselves. Let your hair grow, or cut it, but wear it any way you want.

  2. i’ve translated in french language and published on my site : http://chamanedaniel.canalblog.com/archives/2016/09/26/34369252.html
    the testimoial from the reader Anne:
    ” for me , a long mane on a male does say he refuses the primal castration ( he is mature in his affects)and the refusing of all kind of control over him. That does not mean that he neglect his long mane; all are perfectly carefull with their longhair. Wearing longhair, we show himself as the nature did create us, include the hair; a longhair never resigne; his hair grows with his primal vitality; he shows as a lion, powerfull, a real amale, but with a sensible and refinement ( i almost believe that hair are sensual antennas). A mane is more as a symbol: an emanation from himself”

  3. Chelsea is correct. Just like El Rubio once said, “it’s part of your identity, you live with it”. So, if you find a woman that LOVES YOU and your LONGHAIR, chances are, you know you h ave found a good, worthy, loyal woman indeed!” 🙂

  4. honestly i have the misfortune of living in a smaller college campus in Utah. and i have hair that is about down to my armpits. here in this Mormon state, it seems that i tend to be feared and shunned more often for my “confidence.” now don’t get me wrong, i do walk around with good posture, making sure to smile at anyone who looks my way, but i guess its the thin air, because i am never approached or look at in a positive way. its always the stink eye.

    1. Dang Raynor bummer to hear that. Way to stay positive though man and just keep on smiling!

    2. Raynor,

      It’s interesting that you mention Utah, because that’s where I was born and raised. I totally understand that the Mormon majority can get you down. Don’t worry about small mindedness, and rock your locks. The right girl in any state will totally get it. Even in the most conservative area you can still find your people. Good luck!

  5. My mom has told us many times about how in high school she sat behind this guy with long flowing hair, and was just so smitten with it, and started sharing her chicken nuggets with him at school, and stuff… in the wedding pictures, his hair is longer than hers! He later had to cut it to get a job, and it’s been short ever since. But 25 years and 7 kids later, they’re still together 😀

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